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It is common knowledge that an email may only be accessed through login or sign-in. But if you encounter problems when you enter your email account? Relax! Relax! You don't have to feel left out. It's not just you who face login difficulties. Shaw email is a prominent service used by individuals of all ages. Although this email is considered by every third user, login problems are sometimes experienced by users.

Whether it's any email service, users prefer the most convenient one and fewer problems. And that's the main reason people choose Shaw e-mail. Take a look at Shaw's outstanding features.

Features of Shaw email

  • 1 GB of e-mail storage
  • Feature rich spam filter
  • Spell checker
  • Provides for sending e-mails of up to 20 MB of interactive and updated interface
  • Folder tree option to manage multiple folder
  • Quick contacts add a new and enhanced feature to spam filter settings
  • Import and export inputs to your email program
  • Variety of font choices
  • Import and export entries to your email program
  • Variety of font choices

However, the big advantage is that most Shaw email snags can be fixed by troubleshooting. Even sometimes no help is needed.

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